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Organic Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizers
  • Lawn Revital
  • New Organik
  • Plant Life
  • Super Grow
  Lawn Revital
  • Dressing old lawn (Ready to use mixture)
  • Content-homogeneous mixture of farm yard manure, red soil, loam and micronutrient.
  New Organik
  • For growth & development of plants.
  • Content –Homogeneous mixture of deoiled cakes in powder form.
  Plant Life
  • Organic plant food for growth & development.
  • Content-Concentrated Organic matter derived from natural resources.
  New Organik
  • soil preparation for garden.
  • ontent-Decomposed farm yard manure (free from weed seeds, dray matter of animal food,plastic waste etc.)in powder form.